Imperialz Moderator Staff Application

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Imperialz Moderator Staff Application

Post by on Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:54 pm

Full Name:-
Ryan F (Imperialz)


Staff Rank Needed:-Moderator - Admin








Reason for Applying:-
Im am applying for staff to become a successfull staff to help grow the server to once be a great server as me knowing the owners in real life doesnt make a diffrence but i think a staff member there would be a great community.



Hours Put Into Server if Accepted(Must be followed and Honest)


Things About You

-I love to help out players who need help and im very entertaining person who rarely get mad im always hanging out with players and having conversations with them

Where & How did you hear about the server? from my friend on skype named eric or swerved pig pig pig pig pig

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